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The company listed below took my money for a cremation of my Mother and cremated her before viewing and then denied it and tried covering it up.

They were fined and slapped on the hand. But it's time to tell everyone and forwarn those looking for a GOOD Company.

Greer Wilson Inc. on Thomas Rd was the owner of the following funeral homes in 2002, 1. Cambleback Sunset, Crystal Rose, Adobe Chapel, Paradise Sunset Chapel, Greer Wilson Chapel.

This is a Utah based company and they are just out for the BUCK and don't care about the people.

Review about: Cremation.



I agree with your concern.In another light , In another state ; Guy Wilbur Thompson, a former well known undertaker.

Was arrested on April 27, 1979 in Dallas, Texas.

He was taken to the Dallas County Jail and booked in for [Lewd Conduct].With an assigned court case number of [MC-7901211] The truth has been hidden for many years, but now, the cat is out of the bag.

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